How Do You Succeed In Business

Researchers have studied the qualities of successful business people, and found that they all shared certain personality traits, skills and behaviors that were lacking or insufficient in individuals who had not been successful.

What Does It Take to Succeed In Business?



A successful entrepreneur develops and interacts with an extensive network of people, and knows how to leverage their contacts, knowledge and skills. John D. Rockefeller’s statement illustrates this beautifully: “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% off my own efforts.”



A true leader empowers others by guiding the decision making process in such a way that the other people on the team come up with the ideas or win-win solutions that the leader had in mind.



Long-lasting success is based on truth. A lie may grant a short term mini-victory, but trust once lost is difficult, often impossible to regain.



Successful people believe in themselves and welcome constructive criticism from others. This is the basis for lifelong learning, as well as for the courage to take control and responsibility, to be proactive, to face challenges and take risks.



Keeping an open mind and the ability to handle unexpected changes is crucial to seizing opportunities and achieving success.



Successful entrepreneurs don’t mind working hard, but they prefer to work smart. They aren’t afraid to take a major risk, but they do assess the situation thoroughly before they jump into action.



Successful entrepreneurs have a set of goals and a clear plan of action towards meeting them. They prioritize their activities and manage their time well. They don’t procrastinate on anything important, and they do keep great records of what they do.



To maintain the stamina necessary to run a successful business, smart entrepreneurs take good care of their physical and mental health by balancing their business and nonbusiness activities. They also maintain a desirable fitness level and proper nutrition.


How Do You Become a Leader?

Even if you are a follower as of this moment, you can train yourself to become a leader.

Your leadership status is determined by your state of mind and the level of your belief in yourself, and not so much by what you know or have. Once you put yourself in the leadership frame of mind, eventually you will indeed become a leader and others will start perceiving you as one, as well.

In order to train yourself to become a leader, you must:


  • Develop a mindset of abundance
  • Develop a strong will
  • Be willing to set the rules
  • Protect and serve your followers
  • Respect yourself and your time
  • Take great care of yourself