Month: March 2018

Time Management in Essay Writing

I’m going to write a complete essay for the task 2 of the IELTS and or TOEFL English tests now you’re wondering how can I do both at the same time they’re very different tests well what I want you to understand about writing especially writing essays is that the approach the way you’re going to proceed from beginning to end is more or less the same regardless of what test you’re taking IELTS TOEFL CAE me lapto ‘ok all of them have the same approach to the essay the only thing that’s different for example between IELTS and TOEFL is the length of the essay TOEFL is a little bit longer and the time that you have to work with TOEFL again you have 30 minutes I’ll – you have 40 minutes to write your essay so a little bit of time management is the only difference that you need to worry about.

But that’s down the line what I’m going to do today I’m going to take you from understanding the task to planning to writing the introduction the body and the conclusion okay and I’m going to show you actually two versions of this of the essay I’m going to be working on I’ll show you a TOEFL length one and the same essay the same question IELTS version a little bit shorter so let’s get started with the essay task many people believe that the increased presence of violence in films and television these days is responsible for the rising incidence of violent crimes among youths in society they argue that governments have a duty to control the media so as to reduce this phenomenon do you agree with this argument so first of all you have to understand that you’re going to face many different types of questions.

Today we’re looking at the agree/disagree question a look at make other videos for different question types but you should get to know these kinds of questions now the key here is do you agree with this argument so the first thing you need to understand is that there are two parts to this task the first part starting many people believe until youths in society what is this sentence telling you really all it’s telling you is some people’s opinion there’s nothing to be argued against or for here because you can’t tell people that their opinion is wrong that’s what an opinion is it’s a belief it’s a thinking it’s a way of looking at something and if somebody has this opinion okay they’re allowed to they’re entitled to have this opinion you’re entitled to have yours so the question is in the second part of the task they argue that so here they’re presenting you the test is presenting you with the argument that you’re going to have to agree or disagree with okay they argue that governments have a duty to control the media this is the actual question this is what your essay is going to be about it’s not about whether there’s violence in films and whether there’s violence among youths in society that’s not the question the question is should the government censor the media to try to reduce this phenomenon okay so now we understand the question.